When is World Ocean Day 2022: Saving Sea Water And Ocean Life

The Earth is called the water planet due to our oceans and their immense water. Life has become possible due to water. The purpose of celebrating World Ocean Day is to make continuous efforts towards saving seawater and life.

When is World Ocean Day 2022: 8th June

World Ocean Day is celebrated by the United Nations on 8th  June of every year for the importance of the sea and for its protection.

The World Ocean Day concept was first proposed by the Canadian government in 1992 during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, passed by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2008. After this, the UN started celebrating World Ocean Day on 8 June every year.

Oceans provide most of the oxygen, food, air and help to stabilize our climate. There is a different world inside the sea. Oceans are home to whales, other amazing animals, and their ecosystems such as fish and other creatures.

The Oceans Ecosystem is In Danger

Today, the world’s marine environment is in danger. According to reports, marine plastic has increased significantly. Around eight million metric tons of plastic go into the world’s oceans every year. Marine oxygen production is being threatened by increased plastic pollution in the ocean. Plastic floating in the ocean kills one million birds and more than one million sea creatures every year.

Climate change is also threatening for the oceans and the organisms present in them. A study reported that rising sea temperatures are already reducing fish populations.

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