Sikkim State Symbols: Animal, Bird, Flower And Tree

Sikkim is located in the northeastern part of India, in the eastern Himalayas. It is one of the smallest states in India. Sikkim touches the international border of the Tibet region in the north and northeast, with Bhutan in the southeast and with Nepal in the west. West Bengal is located in the south of Sikkim. On 10th April 1975, Sikkim merged with India and became of the Indian states. In this post, we will learn about Sikkim state symbols such as the state animal of Sikkim, the state bird of Sikkim, the state flower Sikkim, the state tree of Sikkim, etc.

Sikkim State Symbols: Animal, Bird, Flower, And Tree

Similar to other states of India, after the merger with India; Sikkim also declared its state symbols which represent the Sikkim. Following are the Sikkim state symbols.

State Animal of Sikkim: Red Panda

State Animal of Sikkim: Red Panda
Red Panda

Red Panda is a state animal of Sikkim. Red Panda is considered a member of the bear family. Red pandas are found in the forests of the southern peaks of the Himalayas, southwest China, Sikkim, Assam, and northern Arunachal Pradesh. Red Panda is almost similar in size to a domestic cat but a little bit long from the domestic cat.

It is also known as the Lesser Panda, The Red Bear-Cat, and The Red Cat-Bear. The main food of Red Panda is bamboo leaves, they also eat seasonal fruits, seeds, small insects, and bird eggs.

  • The scientific name of Red Panda is Ailurus fulgens

State Bird of Sikkim: Blood Pheasant

State Bird of Sikkim: Blood Pheasant
Blood Pheasant

Blood Pheasant is a state bird of Sikkim. Blood Pheasant is also known as Blood Partridge. It is originally found in Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, and Nepal. In Nepal, it is called Chilimey, and in Sikkim, it is known as Semo.

Blood Pheasant is about the size of a medium-sized wild chicken and is 19 to 22 cm. It can range in weight from 500 to 650 grams.

  • The scientific name of Blood Pheasant is Ithaginis cruentus

State Flower of Sikkim: Nobile Orchid (Noble Dendrobium)

State Flower of Sikkim: Nobile Orchid (Noble Dendrobium)
Nobile Orchid (Noble Dendrobium)

Nobile Orchid is a state flower of Sikkim. It is also known as Noble Dendrobium or Dendrobium Nobile. Orchid flowers are found in regions up to 7000 feet elevations but some species inhabit altitudes of 10000 feet and above. Noble Dendrobium is a very attractive small and medium-sized yellow, green, orange, and purple flower.

There are 48 species of this genus found in India, out of which 10 species are found in the western Himalayas. The length of these plants is three to four centimeters. Apart from India, Orchid flowers are also found in Tibet, Southern China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Hawaii.

  • The scientific name of Nobile Orchid is Dendrobium Nobile

State Tree of Sikkim: Rhododendron Niveum

State Tree of Sikkim: Rhododendron Niveum
Rhododendron Niveum

Rhododendron Niveum is a state tree of Sikkim. Rhododendron is also a state tree of Uttarkhand but it is different species (Rhododendron arboreum) of Rhododendron. A maximum of 45 to 50 species of Rhododendron is found in Sikkim. It is found in Sikkim, China, Tibet, and Bhutan.

Its leaves are thick and flowers are bell-shaped red. Mostly the flowers of Rhododendron are beautiful and attractive with bloody color. Apart from this, there are also pink, white, blue, and yellow flowers. But, there is no fragrance in any flower.

  • The scientific name of Rhododendron Niveum is Rhododendron Niveum

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