RIP Full Form | What Does RIP Stand For?

Meaning of RIP: We have often seen that as soon as the news of anyone’s death comes, most people start sending RIPs messages.

But, do you know the meaning of RIP? What does RIP stand for? Who uses RIP and who does not?

Let us explain to you everything about the RIP word.

RIP Full Form: “Rest In Peace”?

RIP Full Form | What Does RIP Stand For?

The full form of RIP is “Rest In Peace”.  The term is used for those who are buried in the grave.

RIP word is mostly used by Christians because they bury the dead body and write “RIP” (Rest In Peace) on the grave. However, Muslims also bury the dead body but they don’t write “RIP” on the grave.

According to Hinduism, the body is mortal, the soul is immortal, so the Hindu body is burnt. Hence, there is no question of his “Rest in Peace”.

According to Hinduism, as soon as a person dies, the soul leaves and enters another new creature/body/Newborn.

“RIP” can’t be used in Hinduism.

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