Punjab State Symbols: Animal, Bird, Flower And Tree

Punjab (ਪੰਜਾਬ) is a state in northwest India. Punjab shares borders with Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir. It also touches the international border with Pakistan. Similar to other Indian states, Punjab also declared its state symbols such as animals, birds, trees, etc. In this post, we will know about the state animal of Punjab, the state bird of Punjab, the state flower of Punjab, the state tree of Punjab, etc.

Punjab State Symbols: Animal, Bird, Flower, And Tree

Following are the Punjab state symbols.

State Animal of Punjab: Blackbuck (Kala Hiran)

State Animal of Punjab: Blackbuck
Blackbuck (Kala Hiran)

Blackbuck is a state animal of Punjab. The blackbuck is the only surviving species of the Bahusinga species. The blackbuck, also known as the Indian antelope, is a species of deer found in India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Blackbuck is also a state animal of Haryana and a state animal of Andhra Pradesh.

This antelope is originally found in India, while it has become extinct in Bangladesh. Only small, scattered flocks of them are seen today, and large flocks are largely confined to protected areas. The life span of Blackbuck is usually 10 to 15 years.

In India, blackbuck hunting is prohibited under Schedule ‘I’ of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. The blackbuck is very important in Hinduism; Indian and Nepali villagers did not harm the antelope.

The scientific name of Blackbuck is Antilope cervicapra.

State Bird of Punjab: Baaz (Northern Goshawk)

State Bird of Punjab: Baaz (Northern Goshawk)
Baaz (Northern Goshawk)

Baaz is a state bird of Punjab. Northern Goshawk loves to live in dense forests. Like all other hawks, the Northern goshawk hawk is also a non-vegetarian bird. Northern Goshawk is found all over the world; however, Baaz is mainly found in North Asia, North America, Canada, some areas of the Himalayas, etc.

Northern Goshawk is a small-sized and striped bird. The brown stripes are found on the entire body of this state bird of Punjab.

The scientific name of Baaz (Northern Goshawk) is Accipiter gentilis.

State Flower of Punjab: Gladiolus (Sword Lily)

Gladiolus is a state flower of Punjab. Gladiolus is also known as Sword Lily.

The scientific name of Gladiolus is Gladiolus grandiflorus.

State Tree of Punjab: Sheesham (Indian Rosewood)

State Tree of Punjab: Sheesham (Indian Rosewood)
Sheesham (Indian Rosewood)

Sheesham is a state tree of Punjab. Sheesham (Shisham or Dalbergia sissoo) is a tree of the Indian subcontinent. Sheesham is a versatile tree. Its wood, leaves, roots are all useful. Wood uses for making furniture. Leaves are protein fodder for animals. Roots make the land more fertile. Leaves and branches gradually reduce groundwater droplets and increase groundwater reserves.

Sheesham wood is heavy, strong, and almond color. The color of the outer wood is lighter white or brownish-white than its interstitial. The roundness of the trunk of the 10-12 years old tree of rosewood is rounded to 135 cm and for the trunk of 70-75 and 25-30 years old tree.

The scientific name of Sheesham is Dalbergia sissoo.

State Emblem of Punjab: Emblem of Punjab

The emblem of Punjab is the state emblem of Punjab. The Emblem of Punjab uses encircled Lion Capital of Ashoka with a wheat sign above the side and crossed Swords below it. The text is written in Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

State Aquatic Animal of Punjab: Indus River Dolphin

State Aquatic Animal of Punjab: Indus River Dolphin
Indus River Dolphin

Indus River Dolphin is a state aquatic animal of Punjab. In 2019, Punjab recently declared the endangered Indus river dolphin as an aquatic animal of the state hence it is now on the list of Punjab state symbols.

The Indus river dolphin is an extinct creature, it is found only in the Beas river in India and Pakistan. Its color is brown or grey. This dolphin is visually impaired. The lifespan of this dolphin is about 30 years.

The dolphins are mostly found in the Indus River in Pakistan, between Chashma and Kotri Dam. In Punjab, this dolphin is mainly found in the Sutlej and Beas rivers.

The scientific name of the Indus River Dolphin is Platanista gangetica.

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