C/O Full Form: Get Your Things To You

C/O is a very common abbreviation. This abbreviation is used as a writing address in letter posting. If you are going to live at another address except for your fixed address, where your address is not registered, then, in that case, we put the landlord’s name in C/O, whose address is registered. Also know the full form of JCB

C/O Full Form: Care Of

The full form of C/O is “Care of”.

Suppose you are leaving a city and moving to another city, in such a situation, you will use your landlords’ name in C/O to get a letter or parcel to you, where you are staying. Because the local postmen do not know you but the address of the person whose name you have written in C/O, the local Postmen knows that, this will not make any difficult for the Postmen to get Parcel or Letter to you.

For example:

John Snow
C/O Miranda Page
25 Oval Road, Street 12
London, NW12

In the above example, John Snow is living in Miranda Page’s house. So he used C/O Miranda Page.

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